Argo Packing and Shipping is a licensed company by U.S Department of Transportation as Domestic Movers and by Federal Maritime Commission as O.F.F and N.V.O.C.C.

Argo Packing and Shipping offers the best methods of shipment depending on your cargos, vehicles, boats or bikes:

40 ft. Container:  This is the most common used mode for shipping all your household goods. The whole container will be loaded only with your belongings. You can fit in a regular size house household goods plus one car.

20 ft. Container: This size is good enough to load household goods for an average size house.  Or you can also fit in one car plus 100 to 200cuft personal effects. (Depends the size of your car)

Crating: This is a method we use to secure and to protect your personal effects when you don't have enough to fill in a whole container. (For one box and more).

We are also offer full house packing services. (Furnitures, glasses, boxes and e.t.c.)



The automobiles or boats are shipped in 3 ways:

RO/RO: This is a personal "roll on, roll off" service available at selected ports for all your new automobiles. Your car is driven into modern ocean shipping Ro/Ro vessels and shipped to the destination port where it is unloaded carefully.

40 ft. Container:  This is the most common used mode for shipping your car. The shipping costs vary on the size of your car and the space taken by the car in the container.

Exclusive 20 ft. Container: Customers having expensive cars and intense not to let anybody else access their automobiles can decide to get their vehicles shipped in an exclusive container. The customer drives his/her car in our warehouse, where a professional car driver drives his/her car into the container, securing it safely for the transportation. The customer is provided with keys both to the container and their car, giving him the sole access to open the container at the destination. This method of car shipping is more expensive than the above methods.

*All the above methods are the same for boats too.
*Boat’s dimensions has to be 90” width x 96” height x 39 ft. length to fit in the container otherwise it will be shipped RO/RO or in an open top container.